Defensive driving emphasizes the concept of using human cognition as the main axis. It reminds drivers/passengers not only to pay attention to the surrounding conditions (such as intersections? Two days?), not to violate other rules, but also to be aware of visual/ear hearing. A driving/use philosophy that further recognizes and predicts the circumstances in which an accident may occur in the future, and then takes the necessary measures in advance to avoid the accident. The general concept of defensive driving and application is not limited to vehicle drivers, but also includes all passers-by such as locomotive knights, pedestrians, etc., to enhance cognitive ability and thus improve traffic safety. Defensive driving actual behavior:
(1) The clothing should be bright (white, yellow, red, etc., especially reflective materials should be used at night)
(2) Put on the helmet safely (should recognize that there is a positive sign on the helmet)
(3) Clearly indicating the driving direction (change the lane should be directional lights, use the rearview mirror to grasp the driving dynamics, or supplement the gesture to clearly inform other vehicles of the driving dynamics)
(4) Do not speeding (In complex and variable traffic conditions, the increase in speed will reduce the driver's ability to respond to dangerous strains.)
(5) Maintain proper spacing with large vehicles (riding locomotives should avoid driving alongside large vehicles to prevent the airflow or wheel difference generated by large vehicles from being caused by dead angles; avoiding the collision of bus stops)
(6) The intersection should be decelerated (note that the vehicle in the right direction is dynamic, and it is determined that it can be safely passed)
(7) Maintaining a safe driving distance with the preceding vehicle
(8) Do not drive after drinking (alcoholic ingredients reduce the stability of the body, and the imbalance between speed, distance and road condition)
(9) Preparing for parking at any time (for other drivers or pedestrians, they should always be alert to traffic violations. In the event of a time-space factor in the traffic street, they need to give up the priority of the traffic or even stop. Avoid traffic accidents).